Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pigeon-toed Orange Peel

For some reason, YouTube uncoolly prohibits embedding of this awesome clip from the 1968 Don Siegel-Clint Eastwood flick Coogan's Bluff. But do yourself a favor and check it out anyway. And while you're at it, go see the movie, too. It's one of the films from that era, together with Our Man Flint and Cactus Flower, that becomes hip by its sheer insistence on not being hip.

Like those other films, it has some interesting ideas about what the hippie scene was like. Those happen to include evil bohemians, fluorescent neon dance floors and naked, body-painted dancers who slide into Clint Eastwood's arms from roof-mounted zip lines. I'm sure Clint got a kick out of that.

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