Friday, March 4, 2011

Herzog back in the Subarctic

Here's something I've heard nothing about previously, but it looks potentially awesome. As if Werner Herzog didn't have enough on his plate this year with a 3D cave documentary, he's narrated and re-edited a Russian doc about several hunters in the Taiga, or remote tundra and boreal forests of the Subarctic. For Happy People, he slashes Dmitry Vasyukov's original four-hour TV documentary down to 96 minutes and writes his own voice over. Admittedly, it reads like something of a bitch-slap to the original director, but it's not all that surprising coming from Herzog (of Grizzly Man and the similarly awesome Encounters at the End of the World). Besides, he's the best at narration. I could listen to him ramble all day. In fact, I might even pay him to narrate my life for a few days. Or not.

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